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Registration fee for this event is $100


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Are you Ready to Showcase your Basketball Skills?

Calling all Middle School elite scorers in Southern California!


Are you ready to showcase your skills and get ranked as a top middle school talent?


Look no further than the Exposure Hoop Showcase, a thrilling basketball event taking place in the heart of Orange County, California.

Date: September 16th

Covenant Christian School, 1855 N Orange Olive Rd, Orange, CA 92865

Cost: $100 per player

The Exposure Hoop Showcase is a fun and unique way to let players show all the improvements they’ve made over the summer. It is our goal to give these players an opportunity to shine. 

When you sign up, you'll be placed on a team carefully curated to ensure a balanced mix of age and height. This approach ensures that you can play to your strengths and show everyone what you're capable of in a supportive and dynamic environment.

The showcase is designed to give you a unique opportunity to demonstrate your skills in a less structured setting.


Each team is GUARANTEED to play at least two games, allowing you to fully showcase your talent and leave a lasting impression on coaches, parents, and fellow players.

What you get when you attend the Exposure Hoop Showcase?

✅ Player Profile Photos: Each player receives Profile Photos taken for them by 1 Percent Sports Media.


Every player gets a ranking: After the event, every single player will be ranked based on their performance at the event.

✅  An Opporunity to Shine: Step out onto the court and let your talent shine. This is your chance to prove that you're a rising star in the basketball world.


​✅  Expertly Selected Teams: Our team selection process ensures that you'll be surrounded by  players of similar age and height, allowing you to compete on a level playing field and maximize your performance.


✅ Structured Environment: The Exposure Hoop Showcase  creates an atmosphere where you  can freely express yourself on the court. Showcase your skills, creativity, and teamwork in an environment that values your individuality.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to elevate your game and make a lasting impression.


Join us at the Exposure Hoop Showcase on September 16th at Covenant Christian School in Orange, CA.


Secure your spot today and be part of an unforgettable basketball experience!

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