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30 Days of Ball Handling

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Can’t get to the gym? Don’t feel like you have enough time to get a basketball workout in? 30 Days of Ball Handling is our flagship at-home basketball program. Ball handling is one of the most important skills for any player to learn and the greatest thing is you can get an awesome workout all from your own home. If you can’t handle the ball it’s extremely difficult for your coach to feel confident having you in the game, especially at the end of a game or when a game is close. Our At-Home Ball Handling program is more intense than most gym workouts, and if you’re consistent and put the work in every day your ball-handling will improve. The 30 Days of Ball Handling Online Program is meant to transform you as a dribbler. The way you play the game will be different based on your understanding of body control. The 30 day program workouts are 15-20 minutes each and are simple enough to do from home, yet challenging to the point of guaranteed improvement dribbling the basketball. This program focuses on two aspects: Speed & Rhythm. These drills will give you access to maximize your handles and translate straight into the game in order to dominate against defenders. Time to become the dribbler you always wanted, let's get to work.


Single Skills, $150.00/month


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